TR Silkies


Silkies. Ranger Panties. Banana Hammocks. Really, really short running shorts. Whatever you call them, wearing them is the greatest thing in the world. These are the real deal Soffe XT46 shorts. Are they perfect for PT? Yes. Are they perfect for relaxing after a long day of chainsawing trees? Yes. Are they perfect when you run out of underwear on laundry day? Yes. Team Rubicon Silkies are perfect.

Muna and Andrew are both wearing size Medium silkies.

The Ranger Panty is a favorite of the United States Military. It’s made of loose-fitting soft tricot and it won’t snag or run. This short, also known as The Silkie, features an internal liner, improved pocket for keys or ID, and will be the only thing you’ll want to wear.