Our volunteers are built to respond quickly, to be nimble and flexible, to remain cool when the pressure is high. So we needed a uniform to hold up to those same standards. 

Meet the next evolution of the Team Rubicon uniform: the Greyshorts. 

  • SwamperTech™ fabric keeps legs free from overheating as you crouch, kneel, and squat through debris and wade through muck. 
  • Ultra-Breathable and lightweight SwamperTech™ fabric provides 6-way stretch reinforced with triple stitching for extra mobility. 
  • Ecofriendly and green as can be, all All Greyshorts™ are stitched hem to hem from the upcycled remains of certified pre-owned Grey shirts. 
  • Thighs Out, Skies Out: Don't worry, our shorts are infused with UPF 4 to keep those tan lines intact.

Inseam: Lengths are available in two options: Heart (7”) and Grit (2.5”) 

Waist: Small? Medium? XXL? Who cares! To save you time we sew, stitch, and package all Greyshorts in one standard option: grey. 

Care Instructions: power wash only. Wring to dry.