Team Rubicon Poncho Liner "Woobie"

The classic “woobie” poncho liner is designed to combine with your poncho to create a warm, comfortable, and waterproof sleeping bag. It can also be used as an outdoor blanket, or just a rugged piece of comfort to take on your next outdoor adventure.

  • 2 sided– OCP and tan OR Black and Olive Drab
  • 100% ripstop nylon shell
  • 100% polyester inner insulation for lightweight warmth
  • Tie cords to secure to the rain poncho for an improvised sleeping bag
  • Weighs just 2 lbs.
  • Made in USA

Armor up for the worst! Marry this liner with your poncho for a secondary barrier of warm insulation to protect you from cold. Also functions as a handy stand-alone blanket. Added military-grade material around the outer edge for strength.